16mm b/w, 20min, 2004
role: writer/ director

Rendez-vous is the film about a woman’s sentimental one-day journey that ends up with her going out for a date as she wanted and has made happen deliberately. It was made as the final project of Graduation Project Workshop in KNUA.

São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2004
International Film Festival in Drama, Greece 2004
International Woman’s Film Festival in Seoul 2004
Independent Film & Video Maker’s Forum 2004
Mis-en-scene Short Film Festival 2004
Seoul Independent Film Festival 2004
Jeju Short Film Festival 2004
Daeku Independent Short Film Festival 2004
(aired) KBS Independent Film Theatre 2005

Awards & Funds:
Grand prix award, Jeju Short Film Festival 2004
Award for excellence, Daeku Independent Short Film Festival 2004
Independent Film Production Support Program Fund, Korean Film Council 2003

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August 15, 2015


16mm color, 30min, 2001

Role: writer/ director

The film about three mutual friends in their mid-twenties who just graduated from university. It depicts a subtle tension between each two of them. Made as a final project of Narrative Film Workshop in KNUA, it was screened at Seoul Independent Film Festival 2001.

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August 15, 2015

Two stools

Role: designer, maker (individual work)

Birch plywood, Willow, 2014

These are the final projects of Wood Studio Minor course @Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The goal was to make two stools in pair with the theme of roots, branches , a trunk and a treetop as an inspiration to our design, one with and the other without the fine finishing such as sanding and glueing.

Inspired by the mathematical geometric symmetry of nature, my idea was to make the cross section interesting to remind users of that of tree trunk.

It was exhibited in Museum of Finnish Architecture as a part of exhibition, ‘Annual Rings 1994–2014. A New Generation of Wood Architecture’ Oct 8 – Jan 25 2014

*More photos and the process of making are available here.

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August 15, 2015

Hexagonal Stool

twostool_1 hexagonal stool-detail1 hexagonal stool-detail2

Hexagonal stool

Birch plywood

Inspired by the mathematical symmetry of nature, I tried to make something that has an interesting cross section that reminds of one of the tree trunk.

Making the hexagonal stool


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August 15, 2015

Roller stool

roller stool- detail1 roller stool- detail2 roller stool

Roller stool

Willow, Willow skin

The willow stool made at Kari Virtanen’s workshop, Fiskars village, Finland as the final classes of Wood Studio. Kari worked as a cabinet maker with Alvar Aalto and the founder of the furniture company, Nikari.

From cutting and gathering material to sawing and finishing, all the process is done by traditional hand tools without automated machines.

My idea was to continue the previous concept: make the cross section interesting in terms of the mathematical symmetry in nature so that it reminds of the section of tree trunk. To do that, I weaved willows together to make some spiral shape on top of my stool. Willow skin was used to fasten the stool. No glue was applied.

Making the roller stool

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August 15, 2015