Wrapping up the residency at Asia Culture Center in Gwang-ju

I stayed at ACC(Asia Culture Center) in Gwang-ju, Korea for the last three months from Septermber 8 to December 7 as a creator-in-residence in ACT center. During this residency, I ideated several concepts of Makething which is my long-term practice-based research project that tries to invent tools, space and experience for playful making. One of the idea was prototyped(1:1 scale) while the other idea was researched through paper reading and technical experiments. The outcome of the research was shared in the several events such as a workshop at ACT festival, a pop-up exhibition at Play is Education conference, and finally at the final showcase. Here I share a few photos from the residency.


makerspace buildinb block poster copy showcase5 showcase6 workshop3  workshop1 IMG_5801 prototyping(soft actuator)2

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December 13, 2017