Wrapping up the residency at Asia Culture Center in Gwang-ju

I stayed at ACC(Asia Culture Center) in Gwang-ju, Korea for the last three months from Septermber 8 to December 7 as a creator-in-residence in ACT center. During this residency, I ideated several concepts of Makething which is my long-term practice-based research project that tries to invent tools, space and experience for playful making. One of the idea was prototyped(1:1 scale) while the other idea was researched through paper reading and technical experiments. The outcome of the research was shared in the several events such as a workshop at ACT festival, a pop-up exhibition at Play is Education conference, and finally at the final showcase. Here I share a few photos from the residency.


makerspace buildinb block poster copy showcase5 showcase6 workshop3  workshop1 IMG_5801 prototyping(soft actuator)2

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December 13, 2017

download, make and share LINKKI on linkkiblog

Linkkiblog was just opened where you can get the best idea of LINKKI: materials, the fabrication method, and tips for play. And what’s more is you can download the design file of LINKKI parts to make your own basic LINKKI set! Please spread this to the world and share your creation with #linkkigram.

For more updates, please follow LINKKI FB page!


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July 14, 2017

A short paper about LINKKI was published in ACM

A short paper about LINKKI, LINKKI: A planar linkage-based kinetic toy as a tool for education and design (doi: 10.1145/3003397.3003411was published in ACM . It was first presented in FabLearn 2016  conference in Stanford.

Here I share the poster presented in the conference as well.

Fablearn poster final

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February 5, 2017

Artist in Residence @the Tinkering Studio, Exploratorium

Maker Faire 2016



I spent two weeks (May 8- 22, 2016) in The Tinkering Studio, Exploratorium located in San Francisco, playing and tinkering with LINKKI and participating in Maker Faire Bay Area 2016 – 11th Annual as a part of Exploratorium booth.

Here are photos of the residency and Maker Faire.

Sketches and reflection from the residency: week1, week 2.

Plus, More photos taken by the Tinkering Studio and a blog post about the Maker Faire.

LINKKI will be on exhibition in the Cabinet of Curiosities at the Exploratorium till September 2016.


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May 26, 2016

LINKKI was selected as one of the iF student design award 2016 winners

LINKKI was selected as one of the iF Student Design Award 2016 winners (among winning entries in toy and teaching material Product – 1.03 Babies / Kids) so that now I am happy to be allowed to use this prestigious logo. The official announcement and ceremony is due in June.




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April 11, 2016

Making stories

Rearranging my portfolio, I put a link to the making story for each project. Actually I enjoy documenting the process , sometimes even more than documenting the final outcome itself. Since they are hidden inside long project descriptions, here I made a list separately. Enjoy!

blog_masterroller stool- detail2twostool_1oongsung_detailmech2_detail 7IMG_3336

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November 1, 2015

Making LINKKI (1), (2) is published on Medium

Recently I wrote “Making LINKKI:design, storytelling and learning with movement” on medium.

Part1 is about the background and Part2 is about prototyping.


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October 29, 2015